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Company Profile

Intermountain Truck Rebuilders was incorporated in 1992, and started DBA Intermountain Mechanical of Utah in 1994. Both companies specialize in propane service work and bulk installations.

Intermountain Truck Rebuilders is a member of the Rocky Mountain Propane Association and National Propane Association our Vice President, Tom Clark is the Utah Vice President of the RMPA and past Chairman of the Utah LP Gas Board. Intermountain Truck Rebuilders has been providing quality service for propane retailers for over 20 years. ITR sells refurbished and new bobtails that have proven to be reliable, safe, economical & user friendly.

Our bobtails have been built for the long haul; easy to use, easy to repair and built with common parts & fittings. Our customers include some of the most well known LP Gas Providers; such as AmeriGas, Suburban Propane, Heritage and Flying J. Intermountain Truck Rebuilders ia a full service warranty dealer for leading LP Gas manufacturers including; Liquid Controls, Corken, Red Seal, Algas, Trinity, Base Engineering, American Tank, Kraus Global, Fairbanks Scale.

We pride ourselves in quality bulk plant installations in accordance with local, state & federal rules and regulations including the National Fire Protection Association handbook 58, 2011 edition. We have done bulk installations in Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania & Alabama. We are currently licensed with the LP Gas Board in the following states; Utah, Florida, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, Missouri, Alabama & Texas.
ITR has designed and manufactured a unique dispenser package, with over one thousand dispensers delivered this design is proven econimical and reliable, our design alows the dispensers to be compleatly pre assyembled and packaged to ship ten at a time on our company owned trailers.
We have a special electronic scale program that will fill cylinders to the proper alowable amount cacluated by the user inputs, this scale is user friendly designed for use at retail dispenser locations.
Internationaly ITR has dispensers in operation in Canada, Africa, Mexico and South America.

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Intermountain Truck Rebuilders - 2927 S American Way, Ogden, UT 84401, US